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Best Camping in Florida

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Best Camping in Florida

Florida being fortunate to have warm, damp summer seasons and moderately cold winters makes an exceptional place for camping. The state parks provide some of the best camping in Florida. The sunshine state takes pride in a few of the very best marine, freshwater environments and semitropical coastal upland areas that offer excellent chances to go fishing, trekking, outdoor camping, and boating for wildlife enthusiasts. Florida’s Federal and State parks are blessed with many heritage and cultural legacies.

You are sure to feel the closeness with nature that cab be experienced at no other place in the world. Such thrilling experience is made possible by the abundant and bio diverse character of Florida’s national forests, seashores and forests that make a treat whether you are camping in a typical summertime camping tent or in a camper.

Best camping in Florida Best camping in Florida

State Parks

Florida’s 723,000 acres of park land spread over 159 parks is successfully administered by the State Department of Recreation and Parks. The majority of these parks are terrific locations for camping in Florida. You can practice swimming and diving at America’s first underwater park called the John Pennekamp Coral Reef, positioned on the northern side of Secret Largo.

If woods are your calling, you can head southeast of Tampa towards the woody routes of Alafia River State Park. Swimming or chasing after wildlife southwest of Pensacola at The Pine Flatwoods in the Huge Lagoon or in the Curry Hammock islands in between Long Key and Little Crawl Key, may not be a bad choice either.

National Forests

Camping at the Ocala (Silver Springs), Apalachicola (Tallahassee) or the Osceola (Lake City) National park can be an experience of the lifetime. These forests cover over 1.2 million acre land and include a few of the very best slash, loblolly pine, sand and longleaf forests together with couple of swamps, bogs and savannahs. Out of all of the great camping locations in Florida, we think that coming to these forests make for some of the best camping in Florida. 

Best Florida campgrounds Best Florida campgrounds

A majority of these outdoor camping locations can be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis except for a few exceptionally strong outdoor camping grounds that may require appointments in advance.

If you go camping at any of these locations, it will provide you with a broad array of experiences. From leisure to wildlife and hiking the trails less traveled, all are within your reach. While the National Forest – Everglades being America’s largest semitropical wilderness area hosts creatures like Florida Panther, Manatees and American Crocodiles, the adjacently located Big Cypress Preserve is known for camping, wildlife and trekking adventures. If you would prefer to be on the water, use a kayak and paddle to the islands at the National Park.

Gulf Island seashores are a favorite destination for fishing, swimming, boating and snorkeling. You can venture into the old coastal forts like the Fort McRee, Fort Barrancas and the Fort Pickens.

Since it is the “Sunshine State,” make sure you have everything like swimwear, sunglasses, and sun block packed with your outdoor camping equipment. Most significantly, don’t forget your creativity as you will have a lot of opportunities to pack moments into ageless memories!

For any camping or outdoor equipment you might need to make your next camping trip memorable, visit our home page and rent outdoor equipment from other people in your area. Rent the equipment and have it delivered to your location to make the most out of your experience.

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