Experience more...Expeerent it!

Explore the world with peer to peer rental equipment.

Get Out and Do More! We know you can’t carry your equipment with you everywhere you go, so let us bring the equipment to you. Whether you are on vacation or just passing through, Expeerent gives you the opportunity to get out and explore the paths (or streams) less traveled with our peer to peer equipment rentals.

Peer to Peer Equipment Rental

Never be caught in the middle of your adventure without the equipment you need! Rent equipment from local enthusiasts like yourself. Whether it’s a kayak or paddleboard for a weekend on the lake, or a mountain bike to hit the trails and get a little dirty, Expeerent has you covered.

Become a Host

Do you have a kayak, paddleboard, or bike? Why not make some extra money from that equipment when you’re not using it. Sign up today and let people in your area pay to rent your equipment. It is completely free to sign up and list your equipment!

Support Charities Worldwide

A portion of our earnings from each rental will be donated to support a different charity each month. As a member of the Expeerent Community, we welcome your input on which charities we should consider supporting. Using Expeerent you’ll not only be helping yourself, but also helping others.

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