Rental Protection

Protection and Responsibilities

Protection Plan

Life is full of accidents and mishaps and we know this. Although we certainly hope no damage comes to your equipment, we have procedures in place in case any misfortunes do occur.

If there is damage to your equipment during a rental period, we will work diligently and personally to ensure the host is compensated for the damages.

How Expeerent Determines Cost of Damage

At Expeerent, we take damage to equipment very seriously. If damage does occur, we will do our best to ensure a quick and fair resolution. The factors we take into consideration when determining the cost of damages are:

  1. Retail value of the equipment being rented
  2. Condition of the equipment prior to the rental period
  3. Severity of damage to the equipment (eg. scratches, gauges, theft, etc)
  4. Pictures provided by the renter (timestamped)
  5. Pictures provided by the host (timestamped)
  6. If the host submitted a claim with 24-hours of rental period (for more information see Host Responsibilities below)
  7. Renter’s photo evidence disputing damage claim, submitted within 48-hours of damage notification (for more information see Renter’s Responsibilities below)

Host’s Responsibilities

As a host, you will be required to report any damage to your equipment within 24-hours of the rental period. Any photos of damage to equipment must also be date/time stamped within the 24-hour period. Any photos not date/time stamped immediately following the rental period, cannot be used as proof of damage. Failure to report damage within 24-hours of the rental period waives any claim for damage. To learn how to report damages to your equipment, see the Reporting Equipment Damage section of this page.

Renter's Responsibilities

As a renter, you are responsible for any damages that occur during the rental period. Per Expeerent’s Terms of Service and Liability Waiver, your credit card used to book the rental will be kept on file and used for any damages caused to the rented equipment during the rental period, including theft.

To ensure you are not held responsible for damages not caused by you, we strongly recommend:

  1. Taking date/time stamped pictures of the rented equipment BEFORE the rental period (be sure to take multiple pictures. Any pre-existing damages should be clearly visible in pictures.)
  2. Taking date/time stamped pictures of the rented equipment AFTER the rental period (show no new damage has been caused during your rental period)

If damage is reported from your rental period, you will be notified by the Expeerent team and may be required to provide any pictures to dispute the claim no later than 48-hours following the notice.

If you, the renter, do not take pictures before and after your rental period, pictures are not date/time stamped, pictures are not clear in identifying pre-existing damage, or you do not provide pictures within 48-hours of being notified of the claim, you may be held responsible and charged for any damages reported during your rental period.

Reporting Equipment Damage

If your equipment has been damaged during the rental period, you must notify us within 24-hours of the rental period through our Contact Us page. From the drop-down selection on this page, there is an option for Damages. Provide a brief description of the damages including date of rental period, type of equipment, and description of damage. After submitting your claim, an Expeerent representative will reach out to you personally to discuss the next steps in the process.

Note: if your claim is not submitted within 24-hours of the rental period, the claim will not be considered for reimbursement for any damages.

Equipment Currently Offered

  • Bicycles
  • Camping Gear
  • Kayaks
  • Paddle Boards
  • Surfboard
  • Yard Games