Staying Safe

Covid-19 Update

The safety of our hosts and renters is of the utmost importance to us at Expeerent. In addition to these steps, be sure to follow your state and local social distancing laws when hosting or renting with Expeerent. We want to help you create new experiences, while also practicing social distancing.

During this pandemic, we require specific measures to be taken to be sure both the host and renter can complete a safe rental process:

  1. When the host arrives to the agreed upon location, they will remove the equipment from their vehicle to an accessible location for the renter. The host will then get back into their vehicle.
  2. Before retrieving the equipment, the renter should confirm they are the renter by showing their ID to the host through their vehicle window.
  3. After Identification is verified, the renter can retrieve the equipment and begin their adventure.
  4. After the rental period is completed, the renter should bring the equipment back to the agreed pickup location at the agreed upon time.
  5. The renter should enter their vehicle before the host retrieves their equipment.
  6. The host should sanitize equipment after each rental.
  7. If any face to face contact is required, masks should be worn at all times.

Expeerent is based on a community of peer to peer engagement and helping to create an enjoyable experience for everyone. In addition to helping more people live their own adventure, Expeerent is about giving back and helping the world become a better place.

Simply using Expeerent, whether you are a host or renter, will make an impact. Each user will be a part of a bigger picture!

In order to make this possible, a portion of every rental will be going to a different charity each month. None of this would be possible without our amazing Expeerent community, therefore, we welcome suggestions on the charities you would like to see us spotlight.

Each month you will see the highlighted charity that we will be giving to at the end of that month.

Thank you everyone for being a part of this journey with us. We hope to allow you to experience more in life and ultimately make the world a better place!

~Expeerent Team