What Is Expeerent?

Expeerent is a peer to peer equipment rental service.

Expeerent is the first ever p2p, or peer to peer, equipment rental service that allows travelers and explorers alike, take advantage of any adventure that lies in their path, without the hassle of lugging around all their expensive toys. Renters can choose from a variety of equipment hosted and delivered by local enthusiasts like themselves, to help ensure that next big thrill doesn’t turn into a missed opportunity.

Whatever your passion may be, whether it’s leisurely floating down the river in a kayak, or exploring the dirt paths on a mountain bike, Expeerent is here to make sure you have the right equipment with you, whenever and wherever.

Like ourselves, Expeerent is a spirited community of individuals and adventurists, therefore we want to do more than just provide our users with a great experience.

How It Works

Begin Your Next Big Adventure

Hosting Equipment

Do you have a paddleboard hanging up in your garage collecting dust? Or perhaps you have a couple kayaks piled up with random boxes, only to be unburied one time as summer is coming to a close. You’re probably just thinking about selling that unused or extra equipment to get back what little money you can. DON’T DO IT!

Instead of selling that equipment for a small amount of pocket change, getting back only a portion of what you put into it, rent it on Expeerent! It costs nothing for you to list your equipment, and there are only 3 easy steps to get started:

  1. Sign-up for an Expeerent Account
  2. List your Equipment
  3. Start Making Money

Renting Equipment

Renting equipment for your next adventure has never been easier! We know you can’t bring your equipment with you everywhere you go, so let Expeerent bring the equipment to you. Rent equipment from hosts anywhere in the country at cheaper rates than most local rental companies. Whether you’re looking to paddle the streams less traveled or taking a bike off the beaten path, rest-assured Expeerent will take care of your adventurous needs. Sign-up now and start your adventure today!

  1. Sign-up for an Expeerent Account
  2. Search for Equipment
  3. Start Renting

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